From a very early age, I loved to draw. One fateful day, at only a few years old, I spent a grueling few minutes rendering a family portrait. As I studied my masterpiece, I decided to add sunglasses on each of my family member's faces. In horror, I immediately ran to the sink an tried to wash off my mistake. 

Perhaps this harrowing experience is why I enjoy combining my hand-rendered work with the digital realm. Control-Z is a wonderful thing. My expertise in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and other software allows me to edit, delete, add, and tweak hand-drawn elements, creating thoughtful, personalized designs. My design style is playful, detailed, and distinct. My inspiration comes from both in and outside of does, with a special love for art history. I enjoy working with artists, authors and musicians and would love to continue working in brand development, book design, infographics, posters, and illustration. 



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