Against all odds, I was born in a family with no artists. The first time I saw an impressionist painting, it brought me to tears. I was always told to dream smaller but my love for art and design drove me into architecture. It was there that I discovered visual problem-solving, which ultimately led me to Graphic Design. I have studied in Brasilia-BR, Milan-IT, Sao Paulo-BR, and Boston-USA because I believe diversity and culture are responsible for personal growth as well as my character and personality as a designer.

I plan to remain in the US and grow my UX|UI experience as well as branding and packaging knowledge, hopefully in a pet-friendly company! After a while I would love to see some other part of the world and learn what they think about design, teach them something and learn a ton. When I am not designing or researching a design trend, I can be found cuddling my cat Alby, watching old movies for the hundredth time or in my natural habitat: traveling or planning my next trip.



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