I grew up knowing I was not going to cure cancer or battle it out in a court house like everyone said I should. I always knew I’d land in the arts and with support from my amazing parents and a knack for the Pen tool, my career began in high school. Now, I like to explore the line between fine arts and graphic design and I find my niche in the realm where they coexist.


My inspiration stems from my love of the arts outside of my field, like music and dance. Wes Anderson and Lady Gaga are people with a strong sense of self and creative direction who I take a lot of inspiration from. Recently, having found a love for my local art community and the inclusion it promotes, I have begun pursuing an interest in curation and the process of organizing shows.


While you may not find me working at an office in the future, search your local art museums and galleries to say hello and bring snacks because I definitely overslept.



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